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MITRA Bionic Hand

Motorised Intelligent Tactile Robotic Arm i.e., MITRA, is a prosthetic universe developed by Social Hardware to offer a localised mass solution to more than +50,00,000  amputees in the emerging economies and counter +45% prosthesis rejection rate across these amputees. 

Social hardware offers a universally compatible bionic hand and individually-customised arm that allows upper limb amputees to live a more fulfilling life and regain a sense of independence. The hand is offered in adult and child sizes allowing gripping and holding. 


Keeping our brand ethos intact, we offer these products in a scalable format through Industry 4.0 methods. Our design technique, holistic development process and flexible manufacturing allow us to serve amputees in mass numbers (+50 ) under a single process. 


Our goal is to keep all our products lightweight, durable developed using biodegradable material and has custom fitting per user to ensure amputee’s happiness with a lower rejection rate.

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