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Avocado Wrist Connector

Named after the fruit & Inspired by the bayonet used in rifles during WW2, Social Hardware came up with this solution after realising that conventional prosthesis irrespective of its capability has the inability to perform activities in a rough working environment. 70% of the population works in the agro-sector or manufacturing sector as low-pay grade labourers or minimum wage workers and the majority of amputation cases are found in the same sector.

Individuals in rural demographics are the single source of income for the family, either through labour work or dependent on agricultural work. Amputation leads to loss of income and independence.


Avocado Wrist Connector is a durable, light-weight & cost-effective prosthesis wrist designed to provide upgrades to all existing passive or electric prostheses in the market.


The product is designed using an AI-based algorithm and connects at the wrist of the artificial forearm attached to an amputee and incorporates a quick connect-disconnect concept. The connector can fit any light industrial or agro-tools using its locking mechanism bypassing existing prosthesis functionality or can be used as a standalone product without a prosthetic hand. 


Avocado Wrist Connector is manufactured using marine grade steel 316L to withstand impact upto 75 Kgs and pressure upto 30 Pa while being anti-corrosive. Our wrist connector is compatible with a standard adult prosthesis socket which comes with a 50mm diameter plate provided by Alimco, Ottobock and others.

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