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Livelihood Cart

Social Hardware came with the solution in the form of Livelihood Cart, a modular cart enabled with a solar panel allowing individuals suffering from locomotor impairment to offer on-spot service across towns, cities making their livelihood independent.


In partnership with Selco Foundation (clean energy) and The association of people with disability (users), our goal was to develop a modular-adjustable cart suitable enough to be attached to a two-wheeled vehicle driven by PWD individuals (people with disability). The cart can be an extension to the vehicle driven by individuals with the option to use it for both personal and professional services.

The idea is to generate employment through this cart enabling them to have a sustainable livelihood.

We designed a cart that is adjustable, modular and can enable individuals to attach or detach it to their vehicle at will. Our cart comes with a solar panel roof to enable energy-oriented services provided to the audience.

A user can use the cart to provide a portable mobile charging station, document printing, scanning services, and food services. Our goal with the vehicle is to make it energy oriented and enable customers to regularly solve their problems which can be resolved by on-spot equipment available for disposal.

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