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Solar Steriliser

One of the major problems confronting healthcare professionals is the control of pathogenic organisms. This is because microorganisms are present in our environment that may contaminate healthcare instruments.


Scissors, tweezers, scalpels and other medical instruments used for routine treatments must be heated and pressurised to kill microbes before reuse. This presents a real challenge to doctors and nurses at health posts in rural areas because sterilisation takes more than boiling water. Instead, they must  be autoclaved using high-pressure steam at 121 degrees C or higher for 15 to 20 minutes. Since  autoclaves are rare in rural settlements, that means sending everything back to a central clinic for sterilisation.


To overcome this challenge, Social Hardware set out to design and construct a low-cost maintenance-free portable semi-electric steriliser that requires little skill to operate and can be readily available for general sterilisation purposes and consume relatively low power through solar energy and sustainable enough for longer  life-cycle. 


We’ve designed and developed a solution in the form of a portable semi-automatic steriliser which can be placed inside the Primary Health Centers and can be operated using minimum expertise, our designed steriliser allows ½ of current power consumption allowing the organisation to save at least 50% cost on solar panels. Our Steriliser is DC operated using the concept of gravity air displacement method allowing sterilisation through 100% saturated steam for medical equipment.

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